About Us

About Us


Wuxi KBetter Technology Co., Ltd

KBetter is a quick growing company in China Wuxi and we’re focusing on the customization production of transmission system components like module, brake, clutch and motor etc. Our products are widely used by many industries like auto gates, textile equipment, lifting and transport equipment, machine tool and autos etc.


KBetter is authorized as the sales agency for the overseas market by the counter/totalizer/timer manufacturer of Top brand in China. Our products are used by many global companies like Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Danaher and Wayne etc. 

Ketter is offering the consulting and sourcing service for the western companies to implement the LCC Sourcing strategy in Asia.

KBetter’s project managers will be involved in the NPD of our customers and provide the professional offers to make sure the right components selected with the proper function and cost. They’re certificated above GB of 6SIGMA and we’re confident and capable to control the product quality to eliminate the quality concern for Made in China.

KBetter’s logistic department will offer the different solutions to our customers for the cost control of the inventory like safety stock, JIT and CONSIGNMENT etc.

KBetter is servicing more and more customers with optimized solutions and our global sales team can offer the face to face services. Now we have the sales representative in Poland, Finland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia etc. They will be closed to our customers and we commit to response for the requests from all customers in 24 hours.

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